Retreats in private villas with inspiring atmosphere

Retreats in private villas with inspiring atmosphere

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You want to organize a retreat or you would like to organize a coaching seminar, a workout or a group trip with your community. One thing is clear. Whatever goal the retreat may pursue, without the right atmosphere it does not work.

Yoga in the crowded hotel garden? “Relaxing” by the pool between a hundred other hotel guests? Coaching in the huge breakfast hall? That makes no sense.

A retreat is getting away from everyday life. Here, as with any coaching trip or seminar week, it’s about experiencing something, learning something new, venturing something.

That’s why you need the perfect environment for the perfect retreat. This is the only way you can create the private atmosphere in which your guests are undisturbed, the group can experiencce something inside themselves or go out of themselves. Only in the ideal environment is room for emotions and tears, for instructive coaching sessions and for the emergence of an inspiring group dynamic.

Therefore, sun & soul organizes retreats in the Algarve exclusively in private holiday homes, which you always have exclusively for you and your group alone. We do not have any other groups doing their retreat in parallel in the same accommodation. There are no community pools with dozens of other guests. There is nobody who bothers you.

Our retreats are not held in large retreat centers where you feel like you’re on a big school trip. We will never bury you and your guests in hotels in which a group feeling can not appear.

Our goal is to organize the perfect retreat for you and your guests in the Algarve. All holiday homes and B & Bs, boutique hotels and small resorts in the Algarve are available to us, which can be rented in their entirety. Nevertheless you do not have to do without comfort or additional services. Of course we will provide you with catering in every Retreat Villa according to your wishes. We organize shuttle services, wellness treatments in the house or on the beach and excursions for the whole group. Full board, spa and airport shuttle are also available in our vacation villas for coaching travel and retreats. We make every holiday home to a hotel according to your wishes.

You get the benefits of a hotel or retreat center and completely dispense with the disadvantages. This makes sun & soul retreats unique and outstanding.

On our site you will find a small selection of recommended holiday homes and retreat villas. Of course, we are happy to search for you the perfect holiday home according to your wishes. In this way, we ensure that the most important prerequisite for a successful retreat is always given: A private atmosphere in which the goals of the journey are achieved. An atmosphere in which every guest feels comfortable and can fully engage in coaching or retreating.

Start your next retreat by creating the perfect atmosphere in a private retreat location. It forms the basis for a successful retreat week.

sun & soul will help you. We organize your retreat as a 100% feel-good package from A-Z according to your wishes. You will get from us everything from the accommodation, over the food to material and excursions all from one source. You save a lot of time and money in planning and preparation. During the retreat you’ll have your mind free and take full care of your guests instead of dealing with coordination and small and big issues.

Your guests will thank you.

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