Plan your Algarve Retreat with sun & soul

Plan your Algarve Retreat with sun & soul

There are countless tips, forums, and blog posts that will never get tired of explaining how to plan your retreat. There you read that everything is easy if you just follow a few simple tricks. What these posts do not tell you is that it is always hard work to plan and organize a retreat. The more time and effort you spend planning your retreat, the less time you have to take care of it. But that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? You should not be bothered with organizational and legal issues, but you should be able to focus fully on your participants. They are on your retreat to learn something from you. Only when you are fully focused you can get the retreat you want and your guests will recommend you and come back next year. That’s why sun & soul retreats include much more than accommodation.

sun & soul organizes your retreat as 100% feel good package according to your wishes.

We put everything you need for a successful retreat at your disposal in our Retreat-Villas in the Algarve.

What makes sun & soul retreats different from other retreat locations?

We’ve collected some questions that will help you better understand what our service looks like and what we do differently than other retreat providers.

1)What size of group can participate in sun & soul retreats?

We currently have two retreat villas in the Algarve where we can run our mindfullness retreats of all kinds. Vivenda Vale Verde and Casa das Assumadas. Vivenda Vale Verde can accommodate 12 guests in double rooms or 14 guests if two rooms are converted into triple rooms. By adding the direct neighboring house you can host another 4-6 participants. The two houses can be accessed through a gate in the garden fence without having to cross the street.

Casa das Assumadas also sleeps up to 14 people (or a few more, by dressing the living rooms of the three individual cottages in bedrooms).


2) Do you offer complete packages for retreats?

Yes, that’s the key to sun & soul retreats. We organize a retreat 100% as a worry-free package according to your wishes. With us you get everything from one source. All you have to do is tell us what you need, and we’ll make sure you get that. Our service always includes

  1. The accomodation
  2. The planning and organization of all additional services.
  3. the statutory insurance (If you host a retreat, the law forces you to take out insurance that go beyond your normal occupational insurance. We have these insurances and they are always included in our packages.) Except for sun & soul, nobody offers this service to you. A retreat without the required insurance coverage is a huge and incalculable financial risk, if something does not work as planned.
  4. Booking and payment processing for your guests. (This has the advantage of saving you some taxes, depending on the tax status and VAT regulations of your home country.) In any case, you save a lot of time and nerves if you do not have to worry about the payment processing of the participants.

3) Do you have special prices for your accommodations?

Many services we can offer you cheaper than if you ask them directly from the provider. This is because we work regularly with the same service providers and therefore get better prices. The price lists for the accommodations can be downloaded from our website. In these price lists you will also find approximate prices for various additional services, such as catering options and various excursions. The exact prices for this we have to tell you in a concrete offer, as these depend on many different factors.


4) As a retreat leader, do I book all or part of the accommodation?

This is part of our basic approach: We do not organize retreats in partially rented locations or hotels. A sun & soul retreat is always a personal and private experience for the coach and his guests. There is no one who disturbs you. No large dining rooms with hundreds of other guests, no crowds at the pool etc. It’s always your private accomodation with no one but you and your attendees. So you can create an inspiring atmosphere and a unique group dynamic for you and your participants.


5)How many rooms do I have to book at least?

There is no minimum number of participants. Since you rent the whole accommodation, the price is the same, whether you have one participant, if you have ten participants, or more.


6) Is the food included in the retreat? If yes, what does the food look like?

That too is an important point and part of our service. We will organize the meals for you exactly as you would like. That means we deliver exactly what you ask for. Vegan, organic, gluten-free, pizza every day, regional, only breakfast or three times a day à la carte …. Your choice is endless! Just tell us what you need. We’ll organize it for you exactly the way you want it!


7) Are there any requirements?

No requirements from our side. If you have any further requirements for us, please let us know. We organize E V E R Y T H I N G :-).
Do you need an airport shuttle for your retreat? No problem!
Do you want to integrate massages for your participants into the daily program? No problem!
Want to add a surf lesson? No problem!
Hiking, horseback riding, sightseeing, cultural events, cooking events, any sport, guest lecturers … let your imagination run wild. We make sure you get what you need.

Sun & soul will be your only business partner for the entire retreat and all its elements. You do not have to worry about asking hundreds of service providers and you do not get tens of bills with different payment conditions, etc. There is no more relaxing way to plan your retreat than to do the hard work.
Concentrate on what counts: the satisfaction of the guests with your coaching performance.


8) What are the payment and cancellation conditions?

Deposits can not be refunded if the retreat is canceled by you. For the booking a deposit of 50% of the house price is due (without catering, excursions, etc.). The second 50% of the house price is payable 10 weeks before the start of the retreat. All other costs for additional services must be paid the day before the start of the retreat. So you have only three payment dates, instead of being confronted with dozens of bills from different service providers.

Usually you have enough participants at the second payment date to pay the bill out of this balance. The financial risk for you is therefore very manageable.


9) What are you doing to reduce the ecological footprint of retreats?

sun & soul organizes mindfullness retreats and we are committed to a sustainable way of life. However, we clearly distance ourselves from any missionary and know-it-all behavior. We donate for each participant of a sun & soul retreat a “neutralizing” contribution in the form of a CO2 tax for air travel to the non-proft company atmosfair. In this way, we contribute to making organized retreats ecologically sustainable. We offer this service free of charge so that we do not put anyone in the dilemma of deciding whether or not to list a carbon tax for their own retreat.


sun & soul supports you in the planning and organization of a retreat in the Algarve. We use our local knowledge and our network in the Algarve. We are freeing you from some legal pitfalls and especially the stress of planning, organizing, accounting and coordinating.
Our all-round carefree package contains everything you need for your perfect retreat. There is practically nothing that we can not organize for you.
With sun & soul, you have your mind free to concentrate fully on holding the retreat and your guests.

Further FAQs and information about our service can be found on our website.

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