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Overview - Algarve Retreat Location "Casa das Assumadas"

3 charming houses in typical style of the Algarve - ideal for retreat groups with up to 18 people.

The village of Assumadas is located in the district of Silves, which is known for its beautiful scenery and tranquility.

Here you will find this charming and modern quinta in the typical style of the Algarve. There are three independent houses for 14 guests in seven separate bedrooms. One of the living rooms can be converted into an additional sleeping area for up to four persons as needed.

So up to 18 people can comfortably find space in this spacious facility.

The entire house is barrier-free and therefore suitable for people with physical disabilities.



Big garden with plenty of space

The large, view-protected garden has an area of 1200m².

Training sessions and coaching in the group can be held on the flat meadow area or on the large covered terrace.

Also in the outdoor area are comfortable furniture and sun loungers for sunbathing, relaxing and recharge your batteries.

Also for wellness is taken care of​

Relax in the large pool or jacuzzi after a hike or a workout on the beach.

Prepare your guests an unforgettable retreat, perfectly organized by sun & soul and hassle free in Casa das Assumadas.


This barrier-free accommodation, consisting of three houses for up to 18 people, is ideal for an Algarve retreat.

Accomodation - Algarve Retreat Location "Casa das Assumadas"


The Retreat Location has seven bedrooms for two persons. Each room is equipped with single beds, which can be pulled together as needed to become a double bed.

The four modern bathrooms provide adequate comfort on your retreat.

Bedroom 1 & 2, main house

Double bedrooms with shared bathroom

The main house has two bedrooms. The two rooms share a modern bathroom.

The area is separated via a door from the rest of the house with the open plan kitchen and the large living room.


Bedroom 3 & 4, house 2

Double bedrooms with shared bathroom

The house 2 has two bedrooms for two persons each.
In addition to the bathroom, which is shared by the occupants of the two rooms, there is a kitchen with a sitting area in this house.

Bedroom 5 & 6, house 3

Double bedrooms with shared bathroom

The third unit of the Algarve Retreat Location also has two bedrooms for a total of four people. The beds can be used as single beds or made up into double beds.

The bathroom, which the guests of the two rooms share, is just as modern and luxurious as the other bathrooms.


Bedroom 7, annex

Double bedroom with en-suite bathroom

The seventh bedroom of the location has its own bathroom en-suite.

The bedroom also has a twin bed, which can be used as a double bed if required.

Extra beds, kitchen living house 2 and main house

Sofa beds

All sofas in the Retreat Location can be converted into a large bed.

The kitchen with sitting area in house two is particularly well suited to accommodate up to three other guests.


7 bedrooms and four bathrooms make this retreat location in the Algarve a spacious, comfortable accommodation for coaching groups etc. with up to 18 participants.

Common rooms

The Algarve Retreat Location Casa das Assumadas has a large eat-in kitchen with dining area and sofas in the main house.

In addition, a smaller common room in house 2 is available.

Common area in the main house

The largest room of the Retreat Location is the living and dining area in the mein house.

The kitchen is suitable for preparing meals for medium sized groups.

By default there is a table for up to 10 people, as well as three sofas for each three to four people in this room.

The area can be vacated if necessary, so that here also group activities such as yoga can be offered in a closed room.


Lounge in house 2

The larger annex also has an eat-in kitchen, which can be used as a support for the main kitchen if needed.

The living area has a sofa.

This room can either be used as a further bedroom or as a seminar room for smaller groups or individual coaching.

We are happy to equip this area according to the requirements.

Two common areas with kitchens, dining areas and sofas, which we are pleased to propose according to the needs of your retreat, make this retreat location the ideal place for coaching retreats, mindfulness travel and similar seminars.

The garden

The Casa das Assumadas is suitable as a retreat location especially for the warmer and sunnier months of March / April to October.

The garden and outdoor area has plenty of space, comfortable furniture, large tables, a terrace with awnings, as well as of course a pool and a jacuzzi.

Enjoy the garden of the Algarve Retreat Location with the participants of your retreat. Summer in southern Portugal is long. The many opportunities to unfold as a group in the outdoor area of the accommodation, joint coaching or sports units to perform or relax are therefore a special highlight of this coaching retreat location.

Surroundings - Algarve Retreat Location "Casa das Assumadas"

The hinterland of the Algarve


Less known to tourists than the coastal region, the Algarve hinterland still retains its old charm.

The Barrocal is hilly area, off the shallow coastal strip and south of the high mountain range of the Serra de Monchique.

Almond, fig, carob, olive and citrus trees are cultivated here. Loulé, Querença, Salir, Alte and Silves are just some of the places of interest in the vicinity of the Retreat Location.


Assumadas is located on the border of the districts of Silves and Albufeira.

Albufeira, located on the coast, is now more famous for its many bars and nightlife. The old town and the beaches are also worth a visit for those who like it a little quieter.

Silves is located in the hinterland of the Algarve and is the entrance to the mountains “Serra de Monchique”.


Like many cities in the Algarve, Albufeira, founded by Romans, flourished under Arab rule from the eighth century onwards.

Albufeira was one of the most important trading bases for trade with Africa.

After the conquest of the city by the knights of the Portuguese king Afonso III in 1249, as well as the great earthquake and tsunami in 1755, the city twice lost much of its importance built up over many years.

Today, Albufeira is one of the most popular tourist destinations, benefiting from the beautiful beaches and proximity to Faro airport.

The Retreat Location is conveniently located between the coastline with its beautiful beaches from Albufeira to Ferragudo and the hinterland of the Algarve, in which extensive walks and the authentic way of life of the Portuguese can be experienced.

Our services

A retreat is much more than a venue. Sun & soul organizes your retreat as a 100% tailor made package from A-Z out of one hand.

Whatever you need, we will organize it for you. Whether you want a full catering à la carte every day or if you prefer self catering or any other food service. Everything is possible.

Do you want to offer sightseeing trips, sport activities or visits to museums during your retreat. No problem, we will organize it for you. Massages or shuttle services? Everything is possible.

You concentrate on your coaching and the participants, we keep your head free by taking care of everything around.

Organizing and hosting a tailor made retreat has never been so easy, comfortable, time- and cost efficient!

Examples of services, that we offer to our retreat groups

Below you find a small extract of services that we can offer. Feel free to contact us, if you have any wish. There is nothing that we cannot organize. We will gladly assist you and organize it for you. You will not have to care about anything. Tell us what you need. We will add it to your retreat package.

Fado night
Fado is one of the world famous cultural heritages of Portugal. In Fado the portuguese express their feeling of "saudade", which noone else than a portuguese can feel or describe.
Cave visits
Visit the beatiful caves of the Algarvian coast. Choose which kind of excursion you prefer. Direct visits to the caves with old traditinal fishermen's boats, daytrips along the coast with a big sailing boats.

The possibilities are endless. The choice is yours!

Massages & Wellness treatments
Offer your guests a wellness massage or other beauty treatments.

Choose whether you want to have this service directly in the Venue or if you prefer it on the beach or elsewhere.
Soulfood and other catering options
Every retreat is different. And so are the catering options on your retreat.

With sun & soul everything is possible. From simple self catering up to three meals per day à la carte.

Special dietary? No problem. Tell us your needs and requirements. You will get exactly what you are looking for.
City trips
Faro, Lagos, Silves, Ferragudo or Loulé...
You will not be able to visit all the beatiful cities in the Algarve.
But nevertheless, we can suggest some beautiful places, that fit to your needs and we can organize all kind of guided tours for you and your retreat group.

The modular retreat system

There is nothing, that we can not organize for you. Just think of any service, that you want us to organize and contact us. We will make sure, that you get exactly what you want and we will simply add it to your tailormade retreat. You do not have to care about anything. We are your contact for every service and we offer everything to you out of one hand.


  • We provide the material needed for your retreat.
  • It does not matter if you need a projector, flipchart, yoga mats, etc. Neither you nor your participants need to bring. The luggage and the costs for the arrival and departure will thus be drastically reduced.

And even more

  • Is there anything that is not yet covered by our blocks? We'll organize it for you!
  • Flight bookings for your participants, shuttle services, lectures, marketing. Let your imagination run wild.

Settlement & Security

  • sun & soul has the legally required insurance you need for your retreat.
  • We handle the entire booking process.

Other retreat venues and accomodations in the Algarve

This is only one of a countless number of retreat venues that are available for our service. We organize your retreat in private holiday villas or small boutique hotels / B&B’s  in the Algarve in southern Portugal.

The primary concern is always to offer a venue, that fits exactly and completely to your needs and that you have completely for yourself and your group. Organizing retreats in private retreat villas makes sure, that on your retreat everyone will feel highly comfortable and a real group-feeling comes up. A feeling that is crucial for a highly recreational and target oriented retreat or coaching holiday.

Vivenda Vale Verde

Private retreat villa in the Algarve for up to 13 people.

Sea-view, close to the sea and all amenities, big natural garden.

Many beautiful cities around and a lot of cutlural and sport activities available in the surroundings.

Casa Margarida


Accommodation for yoga retreats in low budget to mid price range for up to 13 people.

Yoga retreat villa with yog platform, pool, volleyball court, barefoot path.

Located very close to the most beuatiful and famous yoga beches in the Algarve.


Your private retreat villa

Let us know, what you are looking for. 
We will find the perfect retreat venue in the Algarve, that fits exactly to your needs and requirements.
We offer all additional services for your retreat as 100% tailormade all in one feel good package.
Concentrate on your coaching / training and your participants. We will take care of all the rest.

sun & soul

Our team

I am familiar with the Algarve and know what services the participants of your retreat wish. It gives me tremendous pleasure to organize exactly these services for you and your coaching group and to organize your retreat for you.
Because I want your retreat to stand out from the crowd.

Since my first visit to the Algarve more than 25 years ago, I have succumbed to the beauty of Portugal’s south, the climate, the still existing unspoilt nature and the sea. In many stays of several years living, working and studying, I got to know not only the language, but also the country and people, as well as the culture of Portugal. These experiences help me to organize Retreats in the Algarve with special charm, excursions to the most beautiful places and services of all kinds.

Mindfulness for me means more than yoga, meditation and personal training or coaching. Sustainability and regionality, but also comfort, togetherness and travel are part of it for me. At sun & soul I make sure for you that mindfulness in all its facets is guaranteed on your retreat. Together with you we create a special retreat.

Two hearts beat in me: organization, planning and travel on the one hand and mindfullness, yoga and healthy eating on the other hand. With sun & soul I combine my organizational talent with the aspects of a mindful and sustainable way of life and support you to organize the perfect retreat for your participants!

Lead a retreat!

A successful retreat is based on two pillars: good coaching and a great atmosphere and setting. We organize your mindfulness retreat from A-Z according to your wishes and take care of the smooth running. So on your group trip both conditions for an outstanding experience of your participants are fulfilled:

  • You focus on your guests.
  • We provide the perfect setting.

This creates real added value and is the basis for an all-round successful retreat and satisfied guests.

Save time and stress. Let sun & soul organize your retreat in the Algarve.

Our Service

Whether yoga vacation, seminar week, retreats, work or small group and coaching trip. Before and during the event, you want to fully concentrate on planning and executing your coaching. Your customers are the focus and you want to give them an unforgettable, beautiful and enriching experience. That’s why we take over the organization of your mindfulness retreat and keep your back free!

We are your team: All you have to do is bring your own group and coach. We take care of everything else!

Why sun & soul?

Everything you would otherwise have to put together individually and book piece by piece, we will do for you. In addition, you benefit from our network, experience, tour operator price advantages, reduced accounting complexity, insurance coverage and the fact that we know exactly what’s important when organising your retreat.

Because mindfulness is not a phrase for us. We live it every day.

What are the advantages for you?

We organize and coordinate each part of the retreat for you and put it together in one package. So you can concentrate on your coaching / training and focus on your participants. This is an invaluable advantage. Because if you spend your days coordinating and organizing each item during the retreat, your participants will not receive the attention and service they expect and deserve. We are your solution to this problem. Concentrate on your core competencies, we’ll do the rest for you.

We know the Algarve, the people, the beauty of nature and the local language. We have a network and are your guarantee for a perfectly planned and completed retreat. Benefit from us! Your customers will appreciate it.

As a registered tour operator, we handle the entire booking process and the payment process. We will ensure that all the legal requirements for your retreat are met and also free you from the issues of complicated travel tax rules that apply to coaching and retreat travel.

We are the only company that organizes Retreats in private holiday homes. There will be noone else than you and your group present. This ensures that you find the perfect conditions to create exactly the atmosphere and the group feeling that is important to reach the goals of the retreat.

We make sure that your retreat becomes an unforgettable and beautiful experience for you and your party.

What does our service cost?

Every retreat is unique, just like our packages. We create a retreat that fits your needs, requirements and budget. As a tour operator we have access to better prices for accommodation and services of all kinds. Simply contact us and we will make you a good offer.

You will not see an invoice from us. After the retreat you will give us an invoice for your profit. You have nothing to do with the cost of the services of your retreat. We will pay them.