Retreats in the Algarve

sun & soul takes care of the complete planning and organization for you

Our service

You want to organize an unforgettable retreat in Portugal and not have to worry about anything except the greatest well-being and deepest relaxation for your participants?

Whether Yoga, Pilates and training, therapy, training or business meeting in an unforgettable environment: We at sun & soul not only support you in finding the perfect location, but also take care of all the necessities surrounding the retreat. You bring along the expertise for your retreat topic, we provide the local knowledge and contacts in Portugal. In addition, we assume responsibility for the fulfillment of legal requirements. Together we will create an unforgettable retreat in the Algarve.

Your advantages

More participants

With a professional and specialized tour operator with retreat planning service at your side, the organization and marketing of your retreat is easier than alone. Let us organize your retreat trip to the Algarve and win more participants for your retreat.


Use our network

We are specialists for the Algarve. This gives us a large local network and excellent local knowledge. Let us organize your retreat and benefit immediately from this network.

Save time and money

We are professionals for organizing and planning retreat trips. With us you get a complete package from a single source, instead of searching and booking each element in painstaking mini-work by yourself. This not only saves a lot of time and spares your nerves. We can also offer you many elements of the package cheaper than if you could book them yourself. Your retreat will definitely not cost more, than it would do, if you would plan, organize and book all elements by yourself.


Legal insurances

Who plans and markets a retreat is a tour operator. For tour operators there are strict legal conditions in Europe. By working with us, all legal issues are resolved. We as tour operators are in liability and provide the statutory insurance.

Personal support

sun & soul is our Heart Project . We plan and organize each trip individually according to your ideas. We are always personally available to you from the first contact to the follow-up of the retreat. With us, your retreat becomes a success and a beautiful, fulfilling experience for everyone involved.


Added value for participants

We personally take care of each participant. Help with flight booking, airport shuttle or rental car, special diets, earlier / later arrival and departure, installment of the travel price? No problem! You have your head free. The participants will be professionally and personally supervised and accompanied by you in a professional and organizational manner.

With sun & soul you have a reliable partner by your side.

You can concentrate completely on your guests, we take care of everything else.


We are experts for the Algarve, you are the expert for the retreat topic. Therefore, it makes totally sense to let us do the planning and organization of your retreat. You will be able to concentrate completely on your participants, while we take care about all logistical steps etc. We are able to offer you a full package from A-Z out of one hand. You will not have to discuss with dozens of service providers, and you will not receive uncountable invoices. Sun & soul is your unique contact for all elements of the retreat.

Our retreats are individually designed according to your wishes. They always include an accomodation, all legally required insurances and administrative tasks such as booking and payment processing. Beside this, you can choose, add and delete all kind of extra services. Our modules include

  1. food & nutrition
  2. relaxation & wellness
  3. excursions & tourism
  4. settlement & security
  5. material
  6. more…

Let your imagination run wild. We will plan and organize your retreat individually in close contact with you, until it is exactly what you have dreamed of.

Tell us something about your ideas. On the basis of your ideas, we will make you an individual offer for a complete retreat package with accommodation, meals and additional services that is tailored to your wishes. The package will be adapted to your wishes until it is exactly the retreat you have wished for.

The prices vary for different retreats between 800€ and 2000€ per week. That depends on which services are included and what the theme of the retreat is. We are happy to advise you in setting a reasonable price.

We will propose different options. It is up to you to decide which ones fit best for your purpose. This will depend on the number of participants that you count with, on your target-price etc. We will support you with our opinions and advises, if you wish so.

This is part of the included service from sun & soul. As we are the organizing company of the retreat, we have the legal insurances and permission to receive the payments.  You will not have to care about this.

That depends on you. We will cover a clearly defined price for our service. This price includes all costs for the booked accommodation, catering, administration, insurances, extra-services etc. The price that your participants pay will be decided by yourself. You will earn the difference of all incomes and the costs for the retreat. In general retreat-leaders can earn between 2000€ and 6000€ per week. The amount can be more or less than this range.

No, costs for getting to the retreat location and for returning are not included. Your participants will have to book flights on their own. However, we can support you and your participants with finding good and cheap flight connections. An airport shuttle can be organized by us as additional service.

No. This is one of the most important things about sun & soul retreats. We do not offer hotel-rooms and mass retreat holidays. You will always have the whole accommodation for your own. You and your participants can completely concentrate on the retreat and you can create a relaxing and regenerating environmental spirit. There will be no one to disturb you.

sun & soul is responsible for the accommodation. However, the retreat leader will be the one to manage the key-pickup and to talk to the house administration if necessary.

The food is one of the parts that will be discussed and individually planned as requested by you. We will organize this exactly as you want it to be.

As a provider of a retreat with overnight stays, you are legally a tour operator. Tour operators are subject to strict legal requirements that require various insurance policies to be taken out. Sun & soul frees you from this burden. Since we act as a tour operator of the retreat, we also have the necessary insurance.

sun & soul organizes mindfullness retreats and we are committed to a sustainable way of life.

We donate for each participant of a sun & soul retreat a “neutralizing” contribution in the form of a CO2 tax for air travel to the non-proft company atmosfair. We offer this service free of charge so that we do not put anyone in the dilemma of deciding whether or not to list a carbon tax for their own retreat.