7 days - Experience Portugal, incl. accomodation, catering, workshops, excursions

Coachingweek / Seminar week / Retreat in the Algarve

7 days retreat travel „Experience Portugal“

One week stay in the Vivenda Vale Verde with food. Incl. four excursions focusing on Portuguese culture, history and landscape

Coache your students on a retreat in Portugal. In our travel package “Experience Portugal” you will receive the participants of your seminar week in the Vivenda Vale Verde.

In addition to a rich breakfast buffet, another meal (lunch / dinner, depending on your daily schedule) is included. You will also learn about the historically and culturally important cities of Silves and Caldas de Monchique, as well as the scenic Monchique Mountains. At an Azulejo workshop, you will experience first-hand the Portuguese heritage of tile painting. And you will get to know Portugal’s close connection to the sea on a boat tour along the Algarve coast. Fado and typical Portuguese cuisine you will experience during a joint restaurant visit.

This package is suitable for coaching in which an extension of the own horizon is to be achieved or in which the acquaintance of cultural, historical and landscape diversity should be included.

1x Azulejo Workshop,
1x boat trip,
1x excursion to Silves / Monchique,
1x Fado night

comfortable accomodation,
private swimming-Pool,

Rich breakfast buffet
Lunch or dinner
(vegetarian, vegan etc. as needed)


Vivenda Vale Verde

You will spend a week in the Vivenda Vale Verde with the participants of your retreat. Here you will relax in the large natural garden on several levels. You will swim in the heated pool or perform a coaching session in the Jacuzzi.

From the rooftop terrace you will enjoy the ocean view, with a morning yoga session. If it rains in the fall or winter, you will simply move the meeting in one of the two living rooms of the villa.


  • Capacity: 12 – 14 people. 4-6 people more, by adding the neighboring house.
  • Further information about Vivenda Vale Verde: Click here.

Daily breakfast and one more meal (dinner or lunch) as planned for the day. Vegetarian / vegan options etc. are available. Meals are prepared by a local chef.

Below is an example menu. The concrete menu we like to plan according to your personal wishes and depends of the daily availability of fresh vegetables, fish, etc.


  • Granola with greek yogurt/soy yogurt or chia pudding or creamy oats with fresh fruit.
  • Eggs of the day (scrambled, soft boiled, vegetable frittata, shakshuka, fried with vegetables, baked) served with avocado, cucumber and fresh tomatoes.
  • Sourdough bread/GF bread.
  • Variation of healthy breakfast add ins, one kind per day (refined sugar free keto pancakes, spinach muffins, GF banana bread, protein waffles, open toasts with toppings).
  • Butter, vegetable spread, jams, honey, agave, nut butter.
  • Milk, almond milk, tea, coffee.
  • Fruit juice or smoothie of the day.


  •  Tempura style green beans “peixinhos da horta”.
  • chickpea, egg and roasted peppers salad.
  • Corn bread and kale sautée “migas” with garlic and olives served with butter beans rice.


  • Pastel de nata (traditional portuguese sweet)
  • red berries


Portugal is the oldest nation in Europe with a long maritime tradition and an imposing cultural heritage: the Manueline style, the Fado and Azulejos (painted tiles) are unique expressions of Portuguese culture and history.

The selected excursions combine many typical Portuguese places and cultural peculiarities with historical and the unique diversity of the landscape of the Algarve.

Day trip to Silves and Monchique

Silves is one of the most historically significant cities in the Algarve. It was the capital of the Moorish Algarve in the 16th century. It was an important port during the peaceful periods in which the Christian and Arab peoples of the Iberian Peninsula together made tremendous progress in the cultural, technical and scientific fields. Today Silves offers a beautiful ancient city with an impressive castle and great views of the countryside between the Serra de Monchique and the Atlantic Ocean.

Monchique is the ever-thriving mountain in the north of the Algarve. It is one of the most biodiverse botanical regions in Europe and surprises visitors with a great climate and beautiful landscapes. The regional town of Caldas de Monchique has been famous for its thermal springs since the 18th century and is still a spa town today.

The excursion includes a wine tasting.

  • Duration: about 7 hours.

Azulejo Workshop

Since the Middle Ages, the Portuguese painted religious, historical and cultural events on ceramic tiles, which were then used to decorate palaces, churches and public spaces. This art has become one of the most important and visible cultural heritage in Portugal.

In a 2.5-hour workshop you will get a brief overview of the history and painting techniques as well as the possibility to paint two tiles.

caves & beaches

The old fishing village of Carvoeiro offers some of the most beautiful caves in the Algarve.

In Carvoeiro you will find the world famous “Gruta de Benagil”, which can be seen on thousands of advertisements in the Algarve. A small boat will drive you along the coast and you will visit the caves, which are mostly accessible only from the water.
The tour takes either 60 minutes or 90 minutes. Afterwards, visit one of the numerous cafes in Carvoeiro.

Fado & portuguese cuisine

Fado is the musical expression of the Portuguese „Saudade“. This feeling, for which there is no adequate translation in any language and in which happiness and sadness, homesickness and wanderlust, joy and melancholy are expressed together, can probably only really be grasped by a people whose history has always been linked with the sea, the undiscovered and deprivation.
On this tour you will hear live Fado and enjoy typical Portuguese cuisine.

Airpot shuttle

Of course, transfers are possible on all excursions. We will organize the shuttle service from the airport to the accomodation and return. We can not book rental cars directly for your group. But we are happy to assist in finding a good supplier.

Additional excursions and services

On request, we are happy to organize other and further excursions, etc. for the participants of your seminar / retreat / workation. During the retreat we organize spontaneous excursions such as surflessons to the famous caves, soundhealing sessions in the cave of Benagil, massages in-house or on the beach, meditations, quiet walks, donkey tours etc.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for other excursions.


Highlights of the package „Experience Portugal“

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YOUR Coaching
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Beautiful moments

You coach the participants. We provide the required material and take care of the planning and organization.

The Experience Portugal Retreat package includes:

  • 7 days in the Vivenda Vale Verde.
  • daily Soulfood breakfast sbuffet and one more meal, prepared by a local chef.
  • 4 excursions with focus on portuguese culture and history.
  • Ideal for coaching groups of up to 12 participants who want to get to know cultural, historical and landscape diversity.

We are happy to adapt the retreat so that it meets your wishes and requirements to 100%.

Your partner for mindfullness retreats in the Algarve

A successful retreat is based on two pillars: good coaching and a great atmosphere and setting. We organize your mindfulness retreat from A-Z according to your wishes and take care of the smooth running. So on your group trip both conditions for an outstanding experience of your participants are fulfilled:

  • You focus on your guests.
  • We provide the perfect setting.

This creates real added value and is the basis for an all-round successful retreat and satisfied guests.

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Our Service

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As a registered tour operator, we handle the entire booking process and the payment process. We will ensure that all the legal requirements for your retreat are met and also free you from the issues of complicated travel tax rules that apply to coaching and retreat travel.

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What does our service cost?

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You will not see an invoice from us. After the retreat you will give us an invoice for your profit. You have nothing to do with the cost of the services of your retreat. We will pay them.